FAQ for Potential iEDGErs

As you graduate and are praying over next steps, iEDGE may be on your radar. Please take a moment to read some common FAQs for Applicants.  We would love to talk to you personally if you have any other questions.

Our primary responsibility is to serve the international staff team in any way necessary to further their long-term country strategy as they carry out our Navigator calling:

To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom, into the Nations, through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among those who don’t yet know Jesus. 

iEDGE is a two-year staff assignment from your arrival date in the country (with an option of a third year).  There is an additional 6-8 months of training before leaving for the field.  Many go on to begin a career with The Navigators after their time on iEDGE, but this is in no way an expectation. 

iEDGE teams are assigned to an international location based on the strategic needs of each country.  Every effort is made to match iEDGE candidates with an international team that best compliments their talents, experience, personality and spiritual gifts.  However iEDGE cannot promise a specific location assignment.

iEDGE has four training summits throughout the course of your commitment.  Each Summit consists of workshops led by veteran Navigator staff as well as Bible Studies and discussion times.  The main thrust of the iEDGE training comes through experiential learning on the field during your time in country.  The four summits are each focused on a specific training objective:

  • EDGE Summit 1 (June) - fundraising and team building
  • Cross Cultural Summit - (Sept.) - cross cultural training and pre-departure preparation
  • Mid-Term Summit (Jan after 1 year on field) - evaluation and encouragement
  • Debriefing Summit (after your return to US) - debrief experience and consider best next steps

iEDGE Staff spend their first summer on staff fund raising.  You must have 100% of your total budget either pledged or raised before you can be approved for departure.  Since iEDGE is a team focused ministry every team member must have 100% of their funding goal pledge before the team can be approved for departure.  We expect iEDGE teams to arrive in their assigned countries between Nov 1- Jan 1. 

At your first iEDGE orientation, you will receive training teaching you how to raise personal support, which includes: salary, benefits (life and health insurance), ministry and training expenses.  We are committed to helping you raise the finances necessary to be deployed to your assigned country.  Our aim is to keep budgets as realistic as possible and at the same time make sure that you are not worried about money during your term of service.

iEDGE staff can begin receiving a partial salary once they reach 85% of the total goal.  The total budget amount (including salary) is based on current personal debt, cost of living in the area of placement, travel and training costs.  A typical 2 year budget ranges from $80,000-120,000 depending on the location. 

All iEDGE Staff receive The Navigator’s insurance plan through United HealthCare which is one of the best in the industry. Health insurance starts after your first month of full salary. 

The application process is an important part of the iEDGE experience.  Throughout the process we spend much time in prayer, asking God that He would lead both us and you regarding your future.  We are concerned not only about discerning if God has called you to iEDGE but also about helping you, in any way that we can, discern what God's plan for your future may be.
To apply, go to www.iedge.org/application to download an application, reference forms and background history questionnaire.  Fill it out electronically and email it back to applications.iedge@navigators.org.  Application deadline is Feb 1. 

The application process takes about two months (so start early!) from application submission, review, interview, and acceptance.  Once accepted, you will attend a June Summit in Colorado Springs to meet your team and to learn principles for effectively funding your ministry.  Summer months are spent in intensive fund raising.  Teams will attend a Cross-Cultural Training Summit in September also in Colorado Springs before departing for their ministry assignment in the fall.  A Mid-Term Summit at your one-year mark is designed to encourage you and evaluate your experiences.  You will attend a fourth and final Debriefing Summit with your team upon your return to the U.S.  ​

24 months on the field plus your initial training and funding months (approximately six months). Most teams depart for their 24 fields months in November.

Regardless of whether you are considering iEDGE or EDGE, whether your parents are believers or not, involving them in your process is crucial. Here are a few pointers to help you think about this crucial conversation with your parents. 

FAQ for Parents

Your son or daughter is considering joining iEDGE, a two-year, international ministry training experience with The Navigators. iEDGE is committed to training and developing young leaders who will impact their generation with the love of Jesus. Through iEDGE, your son or daughter will benefit from an experience that will shape them and others for a lifetime.

Please read the FAQs for Parents to find out more. At any time, please contact us with any questions.

iEDGE stands for International Evangelism, Discipleship, Growth and Experience.  It is a partnership between The Navigators Collegiate and Missions Departments committed to developing young leaders by teaming them with international staff teams to serve and support the long term ministry strategy in various countries.  iEDGE teams of 4-6 will reach out with the love of Christ to students who are spiritually hungry and looking for answers to life's questions.  The specifics of the iEDGE team’s job description are unique to the country in which they will serve and is set by that country’s leadership.
These recent college graduates set aside two years of their lives to be meaningfully involved in the lives of students around the world.  In return, working with seasoned Navigator leaders both in the US and internationally, they receive training and experience that will impact them and others for a lifetime. 

The Navigators is an interdenominational, non-profit organization dedicated to helping people navigate spiritually.  For more than 75 years, we have helped people “To Know Christ and Make Him Known”.  The Navigators international headquarters is located in Colorado Springs.  For more information on The Navigators, go to www.navigators.org

College is a critical time, and this generation of students faces more moral, ethical and spiritual decisions than any generation before it. This is equally true of university students around the world. As they wrestle with family breakdown, hopelessness and moral drift, students are in the midst of making major life decisions. Through iEDGE young men and women have the opportunity to influence future leaders around the world and make a difference in their world.
In addition iEDGE is an opportunity for recent graduates to put themselves in a position that will challenge and develop them spiritually, in character and leadership. It is an opportunity that will not only influence their world but will also prepare them for their own future. 

iEDGE Staff receive valuable leadership training.  The program involves, in part, taking initiative, creative thinking, problem solving, teamwork, navigating new experiences as well as considerable people skills.  Employers typically seek these skills.

Because The Navigators is a non-profit organization, all iEDGE Staff are responsible for raising their annual budgets through the donations of friends, churches and businesses. Their budget includes: salary, benefits (life and health insurance), ministry and training expenses. They will receive thorough and practical training in fundraising. The Navigators is committed to helping each staff raise the finances necessary. Because of the initiative needed and responsibility taken, the skills learned in fundraising are some of the most helpful for the future. 

The Navigators is a charter member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, an organization which exists to ensure the financial integrity of Christian ministries. Audited financial statements are available upon request. 

iEDGE staff are covered by a comprehensive medical insurance through Aetna that is specifically designed for Navigator staff working internationally.  International veteran field staff who will be mentoring your son/daughter will have knowledge about the best way to receive quality health care should someone need it.

Candidates commit to serve the long-term team for 24 months beginning from the time of their arrival in country.  Additionally, candidates attend 2 training summits and fundraise for 6-8 months in the US prior to their departure.  During their 2 years of field service, parents are encouraged to visit (dates to be approved by Receivers).  iEDGE staff will not return to the US during their term of service. 

The application deadline is February 1, and candidates will be accepted and assigned countries by the end of April.  Training begins in May in Colorado Springs with a focus on team building and fundraising skills.  The remainder of the summer is used for fundraising and training.  In September there is a second training week which focuses on cross cultural and pre-departure preparation.  iEDGE Staff then arrive in their assigned country between Oct 1- Jan 1 depending on their team funding. 

Team and country assignments are made by the end of April of the application year.  All iEDGE Staff are placed in an approved country with veteran Navigator staff who will mentor and shepherd them.  We take into account personality, preferences, availability and team dynamics when placing teams together.  Each iEDGE location has been through it’s own application process and approved by iEDGE leadership consisting of veteran international workers and Colligate leadership. 

“My husband and I are completely at peace, knowing how well prepared our son was by The Navigators when he went overseas, and how confident and professional The Navigators are in handling not only the regular, everyday items for our missionary sons and daughters, but also any and all emergencies that might arise.  And for those parents considering this undertaking with their sons or daughters, look into Skype -- it is God's gift to moms!”
– Laurel & Jim, parents of Andrew, East Asia Team