iEDGE // Mexico


Located in west/central Mexico, Guadalajara is the second largest city in all of Mexico, with a metropolitan population of about 5 million people. It is situated at over 5,000 feet above sea level and boasts spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. It is known as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico and the majority of professionals work in the technology industry. It is a short hour-long drive to Lake Chapala, the largest freshwater lake in Mexico, and about four hours to the Pacific Coast. It is surrounded in all directions with charming “pueblos mágicos”, small towns that maintain and celebrate traditional Mexican culture and customs.


Join Kevan and Ashley Post, Clemson University Navigator alumni, who moved to Mexico in 2016 and to Guadalajara in 2017 to open a university work at ITESO University. Arturo and Ruth Gaspar, faithful national Navigator laborers for over 25 years, complete the staff team in Guadalajara and are an invaluable resource for their many years of wisdom and their insights into the unique perspective of Mexican culture! ​


Be an active participant in campus by taking classes or working as a volunteer, and then get involved in the lives of students through English clubs, sports, or other campus activities. Arrive as a learner and continue to increase Spanish language capability through natural friendships with Mexicans. The primary focus on building relationships opens up opportunities for reading the Bible with students in individual or group contexts. Partner with the local work by discipling young believers and attending weekly Nav meetings held in homes. Grow in your love of the culture and the Lord through active discipleship by the current staff.