​Life Abundant

Tearing and ripping at my heart and mind
But encased in grey, my life is blind
Living a placid, peaceful death
Hiding my emotion to my last breath

Nothing ever changing day to day
Calm inside, but my soul is being flayed
Passing through in ignorant bliss
All the while sinking into the abyss

But then the stone begins to crack
All at once it shatters; I can’t go back
Flotsam and jetsam plaguing my life
Shipwrecks of the past filled with strife

Trudging and tumbling in the noxious mire
Lost in the storm, thrown in the fire
Glimmers of hope in an endless nightmare
Leaving poisonous lies for the fresh air

Filled with this weird crazy thing
Gain Knowledge, what will it bring?
I can sense the change, I feel triumphant
This is how it should be: life, life abundant

Written by an iEDGEr who dug deep through all the murky waters to be transformed by true grace in the gospel.