Is God Calling Me to Do iEDGE?

“Is God calling me to do iEDGE?” 
I asked myself this question a lot in the year leading up to my iEDGE application.  Many others asked me as well.  This question felt weighty.  I was interested, but was this God’s will? Is it presumptuous to move forward without confirmation? Will it be a mess if I get this wrong? These concerns made it hard to move forward,
but I decided I would pray while I applied.  
When push came to shove, there were still deadlines and the application wasn’t short.  I thought that this option, along with others I was considering, were good.  It aligned with my interests and goals.  It also didn’t go against any of God’s revealed will in the Bible.  So, I applied, I pursued a few different options, I sought advice, and most of all, I prayed.  I’m glad I kept doors open.  It gave me the chance to learn more about iEDGE and other opportunities with less pressure.  I knew I wasn’t committing but also that I wouldn’t have to rush to apply last minute.  When I did decide to do iEDGE, I had narrowed down my options to my top few.  To be honest, even in the end, I don’t think I ever received a direct calling to do iEDGE.  However, I did have complete assurance that for me, doing iEDGE was pleasing to God and that He would be with me.