New Light

My thoughts are being challenged every single dayWhat I think, what I do, and even what I sayAlthough I want to fight for what’s rightOld issues once buried are now shed in new lightWhat should I do with these issues anew?I am lost and confused and don’t know what to doHow can I know that […]

​Life Abundant

Tearing and ripping at my heart and mindBut encased in grey, my life is blindLiving a placid, peaceful deathHiding my emotion to my last breath Nothing ever changing day to dayCalm inside, but my soul is being flayedPassing through in ignorant blissAll the while sinking into the abyss But then the stone begins to crackAll […]

Is God Calling Me to Do iEDGE?

“Is God calling me to do iEDGE?”  I asked myself this question a lot in the year leading up to my iEDGE application.  Many others asked me as well.  This question felt weighty.  I was interested, but was this God’s will? Is it presumptuous to move forward without confirmation? Will it be a mess if I get this wrong? […]

Meeting an Unknown Need

Accepting an iEDGE team at the beginning of 2020 was a step of faith for The Navigators ministry in Glasgow, Scotland. They wanted the iEDGE team to have a specific role and be seen and valued but initially the Glasgow ministry team wasn’t sure exactly what the iEDGErs’ role would be. The Glasgow Navigators decided […]