iEDGE // Southeast Asia 2


Come alongside a team of American Navigators seeking to pioneer a Christward movement among local university students and their relational networks within the Buddhist mainstream. As a student of the campus, you will seek to develop relationships with local students, the vast majority of whom come from a Buddhist background and have little to no exposure to the Gospel. You will assist in broadening the generational laborer ministry among students on campus.


Two American couples, including the city director, who will provide life-on-life discipleship and development. Another iEDGEr will already be there as well who has been serving there for one year.


Come to the city with some of the world’s most delicious street food! This city has traditionally been a hard ground for the gospel. After 200 years of missionary work, less than 1% of the local people identify as Christians, but there seems to be a receptivity among the younger population, particularly students and recent graduates. Come be part of the work God is pioneering here among the university students in order to see generational disciplemakers raised up!