Journey into Freedom

I entered the fall of my senior year at school feeling, quite honestly, like a spiritual failure – burnt out after a long year abroad, a painfully broken romantic relationship, and a sinking feeling of being stuck, spinning my wheels, in the frustrating struggle for sexual purity. In short, when I heard from my best friend […]

General iEDGEr Qualifications

We aren’t looking for perfect people but for recent graduates who are…Walking with God – taking personal responsibility to grow in spiritual disciplinesDeveloping Ministry Skills – investing in people, sharing their faith, leading studies, etcPursuing Purity – openness rather than hiddenness (awareness of struggles, record of growth, inviting accountability)Growing in Relational Maturity -emotionally aware, able to self-disclose, and preferably team […]

Not Good Enough for iEDGE?

You Want Me to WHAT? I was trying not to scream, but I might as well have thrown a full-blown tantrum in the middle of the woods.  “I’m sorry God…but…WHAT? WHERE?”  I felt like God was telling me to go to the Middle East with iEdge for two years but He was forgetting all these important details:  […]

Is God Calling Me to Do iEDGE?

“Is God calling me to do iEDGE?”  I asked myself this question a lot in the year leading up to my iEDGE application.  Many others asked me as well.  This question felt weighty.  I was interested, but was this God’s will? Is it presumptuous to move forward without confirmation? Will it be a mess if I get this wrong? […]