iEDGE // Central Asia


You will be in the capital city of this Central Asian country which has a population of about 1 million people. Central Asia is known for its mountains, lakes, and rivers with rich history and culture. Snow in the winter and very hot in the summer, you would experience all four seasons. Located in the 10-40 window, where few people go but the most unreached people live, this is a Muslim country with Soviet influence. It is considered a developing country, yet the generous hearts of this people will amaze you. You will be welcomed as an honored guest and find that people want to spend time with you.


A partnership between foreign and local leaders, you would be joining a team of 6-8 people. Your in-country American leaders, who have 15+ years serving among international students, would provide life-on-life discipleship and development.


Still predominantly in its pioneering stages, the work here involves sowing seeds among the lost, as well as, equipping and empowering those who believe. We want to see the Gospel move through relational networks as we live our faith out in community. Your context in Central Asia will be as a student learning the language and assisting at a language center. As you build relationships with students, we hope to see these lead to opportunities to read the Word and pray with them, break down barriers to the Gospel, and introduce them to Jesus. We also want to help you grow and develop in your own walk with God, knowing yourself, and leading others. You will also receive tools and training for cross-cultural ministry among Muslim people. The Gospel is alive and once you invest in depth, it will multiply.

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