iEDGE // Canada


Ottawa is Canada’s capital, a city where English and French are spoken, the most influential city in the country and home to many internationals from various worldviews and religions. Even though we are close to the American border the spiritual climate is comparable to Europe. Peace, order and good government are three ideals that greatly influence our secular society.


Come serve alongside an American, female as Campus Director that has called Canada home for the past four years. As well as Canadian Staff and Associate Staff who recently completed internships on campus. You can also expect input from veteran Canadian staff including our National Director in Ottawa, other senior leaders, and Canadian interns across the country. ​


Come encounter a God who is faithfully present to you and you to him, in such a way that you are freed-up to be faithfully present to others wherever they are in their spiritual journey. One way we desire to do this through sharing life and faith with students and their friends, at Carleton University, around the table. We see this as one of the vital practices of life-long laboring. There will also be opportunity to partake in multi-faith discussions, learn from indigenous peoples and partake in international experiences.